Reverse Charge Call Service  1800 PHONEHOME

1800 PHONEHOME is a 1800 reverse charge call service. The service is able to bill to mobile phones in Australia via premium sms.  1800 PHONEHOME is the cheaper 1800 reverse charge call service of the three phonename services.

1800 PHONEHOME will only charge the person receiving a reverse charge call on their mobile after they accept the reverse charge call. 1800 PHONEHOME is not a subscription service. The person receiving the call must choose to accept the call and the charges every time they receive a call.

All accepted calls are charged to the receiving person’s mobile phone and is indicated by a premium SMS. There is no charge if the call is not connected or if the person receiving the call chooses not to accept the call. 1800 PHONEHOME calls to mobiles are charged a call connection fee and a call talktime charge Check the rates