Critical Information Summary

The following service information summarizes the offers available from 1800 PhoneHome. This information is provided in accordance with the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code.

Information About the Service

1800 PhoneHome allows users to make reverse charge telephone calls from mobiles, home phones and payphones to any mobile phone in Australia.

For 1800 PhoneHome calls received and accepted on mobile phones, you are billed by way of charge notification messages (premium SMS).

The offer is not dependant on a bundling arrangement with other telecommunication services. There is no minimum term applicable in the use of the 1800 PhoneHome service. There are also no inclusions, exclusions and important conditions, limitations, restrictions or any other qualifications in using the 1800 PhoneHome service.

The service is provided under the terms and conditions listed on the 1800 PhoneHome website:

Information About Pricing

1800 PhoneHome is used on demand only. It is not a subscription service. 1800 PhoneHome calls are accepted and billed on a call-by-call basis only. If the receiving customer chooses not to accept the 1800 PhoneHome call or the call is not connected, there is no charge.

Customers can accept a 1800 PhoneHome call on their mobile simply by following the prompts on the 1800 PhoneHome management platform. Calls are charged in two parts, a connection fee and a time based charge. All call rates are clearly outlined on our website.

1800 PhoneHome has implemented call limits, maximum call charges and one minute audible premium sms indicators in regard to calls accepted on mobile phones to prevent unexpected expense.

Users can access 1800 PhoneHome at no cost to make a reverse charge call in Australia from home phones, payphones and mobiles. Calls to 1800 PhoneHome from other services (or data usage) may incur fees charged by the service provider.

Other Information

If customers have questions about any aspect of the 1800 PhoneHome service (including billing), they can contact Customer Service in Australia on 1300 746634. The call is either answered or there is provision to leave a message. Customers can also contact 1800 PhoneHome using our online form:

The 1800 PhoneHome website also includes a list of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs):

All customer service enquiries are dealt with while the Customer is on the phone, or within one to two business days of receiving a telephone message or an email enquiry. Any escalated complaints are generally resolved within five business days. Should you not receive a satisfactory solution to your enquiry or complaint and your dispute remains unresolved, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman is available to you to contact on 1800 062 058.