1. What is 1800 PHONEHOME?

Reverse charge call numbers are automated reverse charge call services. 1800 PHONEHOME is an Australia wide reverse charge call facility that allows you to make reverse charge calls to mobiles.

1800 PHONEHOME is NOT a subscription service. Rates are levied in accordance with those displayed on the rates page and are NOT of a continuing nature. You do not automatically subscribe to this service when you accept a call. You (Party B) only pay for the call (or calls) you accept.

2. How do I use 1800 PHONEHOME?

Dial 1800 PHONEHOME (1800 746634) and follow the voice prompts which ask you to enter the number you want and say your name…and the system does the rest. Using reverse charge call numbers is fast. It’s easy and simple to use.

3. Where is 1800 PHONEHOME available from?

1800 PHONEHOME allows you to call from just about any phone…mobiles, fixed lines and payphones.

4. What is the cost of using reverse charge call numbers: 1800 PHONEHOME

1800 PHONEHOME proudly advertises its rates because 1800 PHONEHOME is very competitive.

Please check out all 1800 PHONEHOME’s competitors and see how affordable and competitive 1800 PHONEHOME really is! See the rates page for more details.

5. How do reverse charge call numbers bill Party B?

The billing system for mobile phones is detailed on the rates page.

6. What message does Party B hear when a reverse charge call is answered?

1800 PHONEHOME clearly states that the call is a reverse charge call. Party A (the person making the call) should have identified themselves by saying their name. Party B hears the greeting and the name of Party A. Party B is then invited to accept the call by pressing a key on their mobile phone.

7. What happens if I misuse reverse charge call numbers?

Part 3.0 (Customer Obligations) of the Standard Form of Agreement does not allow customers to misuse or interfere with the facility, its clients or agents. 1800 PHONEHOME has the right to limit or prevent use of the facility if the monitoring system detects possible or actual misuse. 1800 PHONEHOME may place a Party A caller on a designated No Call List, for a certain time period or permanently, if misuse is detected.

8. How to prevent an unexpected overspend on accepting a reverse charge call?

1800 PhoneHome has implemented call limits, maximum call charges and one minute audible premium sms indicators in regard to calls accepted on mobile phones to prevent unexpected expense.

9. How do I bar my number from the service?

The customer has control over how many calls are accepted and billed to their number. If you don’t want to pay for a call, you don’t have to. Just simply hang up. This way you can continue to receive calls and choose those you accept versus those you do not want to accept. However, for certain reasons barring access to the 1800 PhoneHome service may be the preferred option. You can request a bar be placed on your number which will prevent future reverse charge calls. To bar your number simply go to the contact page and fill in the short email form and your number will be barred within 48 hours. Unpaid calls still need to be paid.

10. Who can I contact if I have a question?

Click onto the contact link and forward any question via email or call the office. 1800 PHONEHOME will contact you within 24 hours and probably much sooner.

11. Who can I contact if my complaint is not resolved?

You have the right to contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman: