Privacy Policy

1800Freecall Pty. Ltd. (A.C.N 112 604 878) sets out its Privacy Policy below. 1800 Freecall Pty. Ltd. is referred to as 1800 PHONEHOME in this document.

What information does 1800 PHONEHOME collect from you?

1800 PHONEHOME does not collect personal information via this website. If you contact 1800 PHONEHOME via this website or 1800 PHONEHOME needs to examine or investigate an account or matter in relation to its business, then the information collected, if it is of a personal or private nature, will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy set out below.

This Privacy Policy sets out the policies on the management of information that identifies you within the 1800 PHONEHOME services. This website is an information only website and is not interactive, nor does this website gather personal or other information about you unless you email, phone or mail 1800 PHONEHOME.

Privacy Policy

1800 PHONEHOME respects your right to expect privacy. 1800 PHONEHOME agrees to comply with the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and administered by the Privacy Commissioner. Full details of the Privacy Act can be found at the Australian Government website

These NPPs provide legislative benchmarks that businesses, organisations and companies must comply with when they collect, disclose and use any personal information about you. The NPPs give you the right to know what information 1800 PHONEHOME holds and also a right to correct any inaccurate information 1800 PHONEHOME may have.

At this time, 1800 PHONEHOME does not collect any private or personal information and therefore does not maintain any credit or personal information files about you which 1800 PHONEHOME could pass onto a third party.

What other information could 1800 PHONEHOME collect from you?

In the general course of carrying on business 1800 PHONEHOME could collect certain personal information from you in order to assist you to access the 1800 PHONEHOME facility.

Any personal information that is collected and held, may consist of your name, address (residential, postal and email), contact details including telephone numbers (both home and work), fax and mobile phone number.

In some cases it may be your business or company name, business or company registration details, business or company address (postal and email), and ABN/ACN number.

Internet activity details of date, time, amount of data both sent and received and the telephone number you dial from, is recorded for every successful dialup connection. This information is referred to as session logs.

1800 PHONEHOME may from time to time obtain mobile phone numbers, email addresses or other information in order to promote its services. This information will be on third party data bases where you have opted in and agreed to allow certain advertising material to be sent to you via your mobile phone number, email address or in another way. 1800 PHONEHOME will respect your privacy in this regard and protect your information in the same manner as outlined in this privacy policy and in this website.

In any of the above events, the personal information that 1800 PHONEHOME does collect from you, or obtain about you, does not contain any sensitive information about you, as defined by the Privacy Act. This includes information or an opinion about your racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, membership of a political association, religious beliefs or affiliations, philosophical beliefs, membership of a progressional or trade association, membership of a trade union, sexual preferences or practices, criminal record, health information and any personal information from or about a child.

Does 1800 PHONEHOME use your Personal Information?

As mentioned previously, 1800 PHONEHOME will collect your personal information only to answer a question you may have or to assist you in engaging or using the facility. This website is an information website only. In other words 1800 PHONEHOME will not store, sell, rent, loan, direct or give your information to any third party.

If 1800 PHONEHOME has your personal information in hand, 1800 PHONEHOME may disclose your personal information to law enforcement agencies, government agencies, courts or relevant persons where permitted or required by law.

This section is to be read in conjunction with the information set out above, under “What information does 1800 PHONEHOME collect from you?”

How does 1800 PHONEHOME keep personal information secure?

1800 PHONEHOME protects any personal information that has been collected, in any way, from misuse or loss, together with any unauthorised access including modification or disclosure.

Only authorised users can access your personal information, and access is limited to and for approved purposes only.

1800 PHONEHOME will only keep your personal information for as long as it is needed. Should your personal information be no longer required, for the purpose it was originally collected, then 1800 PHONEHOME will either destroy or permanently de-identify the information.

How do you Access and Correct your Personal Information?

On a request from you, and where it is reasonable to do so, 1800 PHONEHOME will provide you with all details of your personal information held by 1800 PHONEHOME if, in fact, 1800 PHONEHOME holds that information.

Do you require further Information?

Please click the contact and you will be able to email or call 1800 PHONEHOME with your question. Should you not be satisfied with the outcome then you may refer the matter to the Privacy Commissioner’s Office.